Final Launch Tonight!

16 Mar

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all those who made this possible, volunteers and participant! Unfortunately this is the Last Chance for us to meet at this event and to have the “Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl” kind of fun, there will be other events and this will happen next year again! Stay Tuned! Photos will be updated too, contact me or look on this blog, I will keep you posted! Cheers Guys!

Cheers for Beers!


Fringe Opening This Friday!

23 Feb

The Fringe opening Parade is this Friday the 24th of Feb, get in on the celebration and drinking by buy a T-shirt! They Are Selling like Hot Cakes, Except The T-shirt are used to buy Cheap beer! In that case Beers will be Selling like Hot Cakes… Mmmmm Yum!

Info on the Parade:

Get your T-shirts and start using them this Friday! This is the opening of the fringe, in which you can start using the shirts. The Actual Worlds Biggest Pubcrawl Launch will be 2nd of March, where everyone with this T-shirt will Meet, for a world record event!

The E-store is still open, get your shirt there or you can organise to buy and pick them up or delivered by sending your quires to:

Contact Dan:

Facebook Event! Who’s Coming?

12 Feb

This is the FaceBook event, Please share this around, and come chat and participate in the Event and conversation! Lets get a Record Happening!

The Challenge

7 Feb

To Make get as many people involved in “The Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl” and Make it Real Big! The Launch dates 2nd and 16th of March, To make this the Biggest Pub Crawl, Adelaide has Ever Seen! There Are Only 10,000 Shirts to be sold, so that means 10,000 people! The Opening Night is going to be Huge.

To buy a Shirt Click Here:

It would Be Great if as many people participated in the Launch Night, However some people may not want to be apart of that.

Do Not Want to Be Involved: The Shirts are just a way of letting the pubs know who to give drink specials during the Fringe Festival for 3 Weeks. The Launch will only be on 2 nights.

See you at the Fringe!

Just be Involved!

6 Feb

The Event is designed for Social Activities between different Groups to purchase Cheap Drinks During the Fringe (corporate, university, social and general groups). For the Duration of the Fringe groups just go get Cheap Drinks! Decide their own time and place to meet!

Ultimately, it is YOUR CHOICE of when to crawl, which venues, how many venues and even how many days your pub crawl journey will be.

This event is organised by students and student associations at Uni (Helps us with Fund Raising), However the deals are there for everyone (Corporate Businesses, Sporting Clubs, Students, We Want everyone to be Involved) and the is sponsored by Coopers.

You can Also Find us on the Fringe Website

Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl

5 Feb